A Website Dedicated to Helping Others Through Personal Donations

Do You want to Accept Personal Donations or Help Out Others?
IamTotallyDesperate.com is a FREE user interactive website dedicated to help out people in need through Personal Donations from Visitors like you.

Note: This website is supported by the advertising appearing on this site. It does not profit from any donations made to its site members. All donations are made directly to the recipient.

Here is How it Works
  1. First, create a Free User Account
  2. State your reasons why you are looking for donations.
  3. Visitors will read your profile and choose if they want to make a donation to you.

The Purpose
If you happen to find yourself in a position of financial difficulty, you may be able to receive donations. There happens to be some generous people out there who would give you a donation.

You do not have to be "Totally" Desperate to become a Site Member. It's just the name of this website.

In fact, Site Members do not have to receive donations. They can be contributors too. All Site Members have the option to either Accept or Not to Accept donations.

Accepting Donations
Site Members can accept personal donations through Paypal. Donations made at this website are processed directly through those services. A Paypal account is not required at this time to Create a User Account. You can update this information at a later time.

Use the following link to get a FREE Paypal account.

Receive Donations from your website
You can also receive donations directly from your website. We supply you with your choice of a personalize donation text link or image button for your website.