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Please I need help....lost job, very ill, no money, I pray someone will help me.

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I feel so ashamed I am having to ask for money but the economy has gotten me to the point of Having to do this to try snd servive. My health is Very bad, I lost my job in August due to budget cuts by the state and am about to loose everything I have including my life if I don't find some way to get money to go to the doctor. I will be homeless I figure in less than 2 months if I don't recieve help quick. Please I would apprecitate any help of any size donation. I beg of you ..PLEASE help me. Thank you and God Bless.

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older woman needs Help Please

My health is continuing to worsen and I have no money to get my medication filled. My blood Pressure is extremely high. I lost my job due to the governor cutting the state budget and I am about to loose everything I have. I beg you please help me..I'm cold and hungry. I can't afford to turn the heat on in my home, I don't know what else to do. I live in a small town that has 8% unemployment and there's nothing ..no jobs. PlEASE I beg of anyone please help me with any amount you can spare. I am a Christian woman and i am in great need of help.